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We risk while you receive up to 90% of the Profit

Your Success, Is Our Mission.

Your Expertise, Our Risk.

Here at Pinnacle Trader Fx, we believe in giving traders the best possible financial opportunities through our simulated funded accounts. We believe in traders to show us their skills through an evaluation and verification phase in return with us providing them with up to 400k in simulated funding and up to a 90% profit split!

Trade Your Way

EAs, news trading, holding trades over the weekend is allowed, and use lots of any size as long as leverage allows it

Unlimited Trading Days

We acknowledge the potential stress associated with time limits, and as a result, we’ve chosen not to impose any minimum or maximum limits on trading days. Feel free to take as much time as you need

Scaling Plan

Scale your account up to 50% of initial balance increase and receive up to 90% profit splits with our ‘Pinnacle Trader’ Mastery Level.

Payout System

Request your payout every 5 business days. Once a trader earns The ‘Pinnacle Trader’ mastery level , the trader receives a 50% account increase and a 90% profit split.

Who are we?

We are a company built with you, the traders, in mind. We want to help you exceed your financial goals with fair requirements and great prices! Join The Pinnacle Trader team now, begin your journey to success as a profitable trader with our capital and achieve overall financial freedom!

Here at Pinnacle Trader Fx, we strive to provide the best communication and support to our traders out there. Discord, live chat, and social media are all great ways to reach us! You will receive the support you need from one of our team members at any given time. Our goal is to assist you in little to no time.

Pricing and Plans

Here is our pricing for One Step Challenges and Two Step Challenges

One Step ChallengesTwo Step Challenges


  • No minimum trading days
  • No maximum trading days
  • Target for phase 1 is 8%
  • Daily Drawdown is 4% and Maximum drawdown is 8%
  • Leverage 1:100

RULES for Two Step

  • No minimum trading days
  • Unlimited Trading Days
  • Target Phase 1 is 8%
  • Target phase 2 is 5% / Daily Drawdown is 5% Max drawdown is 10%
  • Leverage 1:100

Evaluation stage

Practitioner: ∞

Student: 0 days
Practitioner: 0 days

Student: 5%
Practitioner: 5%

Student: 10%
Practitioner: 10%

Student: $8.000 (8%)
Practitioner: $5.000 (5%)

Student: 1:100
Practitioner: 1:100

Funded stage

Pinnacle Trader:

Pinnacle Trader: 5%

Pinnacle Trader: 10%

Pinnacle Trader:

Pinnacle Trader: 1:100

Stay updated with our in depth trading rules.

Trading Objectives are a key element to evaluate a trader’s skills, meeting the trading objectives proves that the trader is disciplined and consistent.